Davines OI Oil positively influences all hair types. If applied regularly, it facilitates combing, tames even the most unruly hair, as it is helpful with hair styling. Furthermore, it creates a protective layer around hair. In this way strands are shield against aggressive factors originating from the external environment (impurities, free radicals, UV radiation), high temperature and dehydrating action of some cosmetics. Hair oil Davines OI Oil has anti-oxygenating action. It accelerates drying and straightening time.

Finally, it protects hair ends form splitting, smooths and delivers gloss.


Apply a few drops of Davines OI Oil to clean and damp hair, starting from the roots to the ends. Moreover, the product can be also applied to already blow-dried strands. If your hair is long and thick, don’t hesitate to apply double dose of the oil. Remember that the cosmetic shouldn’t be rinsed but left on hair instead.


Davines OI Oil constants one exotic ingredient and known to all hair-freaks silicones. They are responsible for facilitating combing and provides protection from high temperature. Roucou oil, in turn, contains natural UV filter and ellagic acid that combats free radicals.


Davines OI Oil has light formula which doesn’t clump hair together, neither weights hair down nor makes hair greasy. The fragrance resembles annatto flower and vanilla. It has a fair yellow colour.



  • contains exotic roucou oil
  • rebuilds split ends
  • is helpful at hair styling
  • easy to apply
  • has beautiful fragrance
  • it could contain additional vegetable oils
  • can make scalp greasy if applied in galore amounts
  • it’s hard to buy
  • silicones might discourage some women from buying the cosmetic
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