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Contrary to other beauty oils it is jojoba oil that displays the highest biocompatibility – it is tailored to our skin needs to leave it conditioned and balanced.

Keep reading to find out why it is beneficial to introduce jojoba oil such as Nanoil to your daily beauty ritual.

Simmondsia chinensis, which nuts are used to extract jojoba oil from, is a source of many precious substances that skin needs. No wonder why we reach for this yellowish, deprived of aroma and slightly greasy substance to improve our appearance. We are not even aware of the fact that jojoba oil is a liquid was, which is why it preserves its freshness for definitely longer.

Nanoil Jojoba Oil: About the product

Not all jojoba oils work alike, and there is a lot that makes them different. Obviously, the best properties are hidden in jojoba oil that is cold-pressed, unrefined and certified. Where to find such oil?

Well, you do not have to search for it long because the highest quality is offered by 100% organic and all-natural Nanoil Jojoba Oil. Its efficiency is mostly proven by favorable opinions of those who boosted their skin appearance and restored good health to it due to jojoba oil.

This is incredibly lightweight and well-absorbed oil of high efficiency – just one drop of this oil suffices to gift face with beautiful shine and smoothness. The truth is, Jojoba Oil by Nanoil can be applied not only to face but also to body, hair and fingernails. You will be surprised by the effects!

What is its action?

  • Is an antioxidant, fights back free radicals.
  • Nourishes skin and lubricates it, which prevents dehydration.
  • Displays soothing properties which is why it relieves irritations.
  • Takes care of skin and facilitates curing eczema, atopic dermatitis, dandruff, etc.
  • Regenerates both fatigued hair and skin.
  • Effectively improves skin suppleness which translates into youthful look.

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Application of Jojoba Oil

When it comes to beauty rituals, the most important in Jojoba Oil by Nanoil is the fact that it can be applied in various ways. We are not limited to just one way of using jojoba oil because its naturalness allows you to spread it on various body parts.

How can you apply Jojoba Oil?

  1. As face oil: take 2-3 drops and spread them on your face using circular motion. This type of massage done with your fingertips boosts blood flow and improves the oil’s properties helping it nourish skin deeply.
  2. Instead of body balm: follow the same instructions as when applying the oil to face, but use hands instead of just fingers and distribute more oil.
  3. In hair care: you can apply jojoba oil to scalp and entire hair length or just to hair ends. Massage the oil into strands and skin of head and then wrap it with a warm towel. Wash the head after 10-20 minutes (this should allow the nourishing substances to penetrate hair).
  4. As scrub base: just mix jojoba oil with chosen exfoliating agents (salt, sugar, oat flakes, raspberry seeds). Such homemade scrub can be applied to entire body as well as to face and scalp.
  5. As bath oil: no more than a few drops of jojoba oil are enough to moisturize skin, nourish it and bring relief.

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