Amla Khadi has an exceptional action. It nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, influences hair condition in a positive way and prevents splitting of hair ends. It provides hair with gloss and softness, facilitates combing and accelerates drying time. Moreover, it counteracts pre-mature greying, eliminates dandruff and regulates work of sebaceous glands. This marvellous action of Amla Khadi wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for natural vegetable oils content.

These substances are used in Ayurveda (Hindu medicine).


Before applying Amla Khadi, shake the bottle first. Rub one table spoon of the product into scalp and leave it on for two hours. If you care for even better results, use the cosmetic two or three times a week.


Amla Khadi contains herbal extracts and vegetable oils. These are, among others, amla, bhringraj, brahmi and neem extract as well as sesame, almond and sunflower oil. What is more, the cosmetic also contains cinnamon extract.


For many people Amla Khadi has unpleasant fragrance. This is the aroma of very characteristic Hindu herbs. The product is colourless and its consistency is dense. For that very reason, be careful so as not to make your hair and scalp greasy.



  • contains many natural ingredients
  • eliminates dandruff and strengthens hair
  • it can be used for oil hair treatment
  • is helpful at hair styling
  • people with sensitive scalp might be irritated by the product
  • has unpleasant fragrance
  • is available only in herbal shops
  • can make scalp and hair greasy