L’Oreal Mythic Oil is recommended for all hair types. Its main tasks are: nourishment as well as gifting hair with gloss and smoothness. The cosmetic provides strands with many vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It tames even the most unruly hair, disciplines strands, makes styling easier and accelerates drying time. Thanks to natural ingredients, hair gradually becomes more shiny and starts reflecting sun rays.

Moreover, L’Oreal Mythic Oil has anti-oxygenating action and protects hair against aggressive factors originating from the external environment.


Use of L’Oreal Mythic Oil is very simple. All you need to do is distribute one or two pumps of the product, warm it up, and then apply to length of hair and its ends. The cosmetic can be put on dry and damp strands. What is important though, hair has to be precisely cleansed before each application. Match amount of the applied product to the length and thickness of your strands.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil contains a few silicones and vegetable substances. Among them are linseed oil and cranberry oil. The very substances contain natural anti-oxygenating UV filter as well as other nourishing ingredients.


L’Oreal Mythic Oil has semi-liquid formula, which is why, it doesn’t clump hair together, neither weights strands down nor make hair greasy. Its fragrance is light and flowery. L’Oreal Mythic Oil is colourless.



  • takes care of all hair types
  • nourishes, delivers gloss and smoothness
  • facilitates styling
  • contains linseed and cranberry oils
  • has pleasant, flowery fragrance
  • it’s easy to find
  • contains two natural oils only
  • goes with plastic, not nice-looking bottle