John Masters Organics has multidimensional application. It’s recommended to take care of all hair types. However, it’s action is the most efficient when applied to dehydrated hair. The cosmetic protects hair against high temperature, impurities and free radicals. Apart from that, the product counteracts split ends. It reinforces hair bulbs and counteracts hair loss. What’s more, the cosmetic halts excessive hair loss.

Finally, John Masters Organics facilitates styling, disciplines strands and is helpful while combing.


Warm up a few drops of John Masters Organics on the palm of the hands and put them on hair. Rub precisely into strands; don’t forget about hair ends. In general, the product can be applied on dry or damp hair. If you bought smaller version of the cosmetic, you can use it up if conducting hair conditioning treatment at home. Coat hair with the oil, leave the cosmetic on hair for approximately 30 minutes and then rinse it off using huge amount of water. Comb, blow-dry and style.


John Masters Organics contains many natural ingredients. Among them you can find for example, jojoba oil, linseed oil, lavender oil, cedar oil and rosemary oil.


John Masters Oragnics has fair yellow colour. Thanks to semi-liquid consistency, application of the product is simple and the cosmetic is absorbed immediately when applied. The product doesn’t have any fragrance, which is why, it can be used by sensitive people.



  • provides thermo-action
  • neutralises free radicals
  • you can apply it in many various ways
  • can be applied by people whose scalp is sensitive
  • is composed of natural oil blend
  • recommended only for dry and damaged hair
  • small package
  • the cosmetic is low-efficient
  • only regular use guarantees satisfactory results