Moroccanoil Treatment Original is recommended to treat each hair type. It gifts hair with smoothness and hydration, makes hair look prettier and healthier. It can be applied as a conditioning or styling product and as a finish.

Moreover, the cosmetic has anti-oxygenating action, counteracts free radicals and delivers many vitamins to hair.

What is also worth pointing out, Moroccanoil Treatment Original facilitates combing and accelerates drying time. It makes strands moistened, reinforced and healthier.


Use of Moroccanoil Treatment Original is simple and fast. Apply one or two pumps of the product to clean and damp hair. After that, let the hair dry or use a blow-dryer to speed up the process. Don’t forget to add an extra coat to hair ends. If you want to, you can mix Moroccanoil Treatment Original with your favourite hair mask of conditioner.


The key ingredient of the product is argan oil. This precious substance is extracted from Argania spinosa, a tree growing in north Africa. Argan oil contains plenty of valuable substances, including anti-oxidants and vitamins slowing down ageing processes of an organism.


Moroccanoil Treatment Original has light formula. Thanks to its yellow colour and delicate fragrance, it’s eagerly used by many women.



  • takes care of every hair type
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • contains the vitamin of youth – vitamin E
  • fast and easy to apply
  • facilitates styling and day-to-day hair care
  • contains argan oil
  • has light formula
  • it isn’t easy to find in shops