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The properties of castor oil are legendary. This popular oil won hearts of thousands women from all over the world due to its hair accelerating qualities and nail boosting abilities. Is castor oil worth being called the finest?

The plant that castor oil is extracted from presumably comes from Africa, but nowadays it is popular worldwide. What is interesting, many people grow castor-oil-plant in their gardens!

Basically, oil extracted from the very plant is kept by many, which is owed to its properties.

Castor oil properties

Although the best version of castor oil is cold-pressed and unrefined (just like Nanoil), it is really easy to find other variations of this natural substance. No matter the version, each one contains ricinoleic acid – characteristic for castor oil only and responsible for the oil being antibacterial. Among the precious substances that the oil has, there are also vitamins A and C. Obviously, the highest concentration of the valuable substances is hidden in castor oil of proven, high quality. Having this in mind, it is worth paying attention to what beauty oil we choose for our daily body and hair care.

Why is Nanoil Castor Oil the best?

Nanoil equals proven quality. Learn four reasons why Castor Oil is recognized as the best

  1. Cold-pressed – it is obtained due to cold pressing which is a process of substance extraction and allows to preserve all the nourishing substances.
  2. Unrefined – castor oil that did not undergo refining process is not stripped of nourishing substances.
  3. Organic – this is a completely natural substance of plant origin which was not tested on animals and is vegan.
  4. Multi-purpose – one castor oil deals with many beauty problems by being applied to scalp, hair, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows.

naonoil castor oil two bottles

Castor Oil: Application

While discussing the way which castor oil can be applied in, it is worth exploring its basic uses first. Perhaps you are not aware of some of them!

Beauty cosmetic oil Nanoil is frequently used in hair care, and to be more precise it is applied to scalp – when used regularly, castor oil helps to get rid of dandruff and strengthens hair bulbs. This is an effective hair, lash and brow growth accelerating oil as well as an incredibly effective nail conditioner that leaves hair noticeably stronger. Equally positive results are achieved in skin care, especially when castor oil is used for makeup removal. It is worth applying it to fight back acne since castor oil is able to alleviate this problem. Castor oil is also one of the substances used to carry out OCM (Oil Cleansing Method).

Nanoil Castoi Oil: Effects

It is time to summarize briefly what can be achieved thanks to regular application of Castor Oil by Nanoil. And there is much to win

  • eliminates bacteria and fungi, also reduces inflammations.
  • noticeably accelerates hair growth and leaves it stronger.
  • thickens lashes and brows making them darker.
  • frees skin from toxins and other impurities.
  • rebuilds natural hydro-lipid barrier of skin.
  • displays regenerating properties and speeds up skin healing.
  • eaves skin and hair shiny, silky, soft and smooth.

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