More and more often body care products feature Shea butter (also known as karite butter). This natural substance is supposed to enrich cosmetics with moisturizing, softening and irritation-soothing properties. But would not it be better to reach for pure Shea butter like Ecospa?

Basically, natural oils and beauty butters are better than other cosmetics because they are completely natural. Undoubtedly, everything that derives straight from nature must work to our hair and skin’s advantage.

Well, it is worth wondering for a while whether it this conviction is right.

Shea butter in hair and body care. Not for everyone?

We frequently forget that oils are effective only when matched with our hair and skin types. This also applies to Shea butter, and this can be best illustrated by an example.

A good quality Shea butter by Ecospa is a cold-pressed and unrefined product. You will not find here any unnecessary additions so the butter should serve all skin and hair types – after all, it is completely natural. However, Shea butter is really thick and heavy which may lead to hair and skin overburdening. Before buying Shea butter, it must be realized that, sadly, this natural cosmetic does not work for all hair and skin types equally well.

Ecospa Shea butter: Recommendations

Beauty Shea butter is a solution for those whose skin is dry, rough and irritated. In terms of hair care Shea butter can be applied to hair ends only so as to protect them against damage. Shea butter serves low porosity hair best.

Although Shea butter does not suit many skin and hair types, Ecospa Shea butter is a product of many applications. It can be used as

  • a full body massage oil.
  • an eye serum.
  • a soothing agent after shaving.
  • a constituent of homemade balms.
  • a constituent of soap.

Beauty benefits of Shea butter

Natural and high quality Shea butter – like Ecospa – is rich in vitamins A, E and F. Thanks to them this natural cosmetic moisturizes, lubricates, nourishes and smooths skin out. After applying a little bit of Shea butter, skin should become more pleasant to the touch, which is owed to lubricating and protective lipid layer that is created. What is interesting, Shea butter improves skin tension and makes it more elastic, which aids skin in preserving its youthful look. Similar action is performed on hair, but you must be careful not to weigh the strands down which is easy to do by applying too much. No matter the body part, Shea butter always provides them with natural UV filter that shields skin and hair against harmful solar radiation.

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