Hair care with hair oil Nanoil


Nanoil hair oil is recommended to take care of all hair types. There are three versions of the product: for low porosity hair, for high porosity hair, and for medium porosity hair. The action and features that each of the cosmetic has were combined in such a way to condition hair and the scalp in the best possible way. The oil designed to treat high porosity hair has regenerative, moistening and strengthening action. Moreover, the product provides shine, softness and smoothness to hair.

The oil destined for medium porosity hair delivers the right amount of water to the hair structures, which are hidden near the core of the hair, makes strands more elastic and facilitates styling.

Furthermore, the oil gifts hair with gloss, makes hair softer and brings out the natural colour of the strands. The oil created for low porosity hair eases styling, lifts the hair roots and conditions the strands. It provides the scalp with many valuable and nourishing substances.


Apply Nanoil hair oil to dry or wet hair. You can treat your hair with the oil right before hair shampooing or after blow-drying. The cosmetic will take care of the ends of your hair and condition the scalp. Additionally, it’ll produce the outstanding effects when combined with other products designed for the scalp care. Moreover, the product is also considered useful by men who wear their beards and mustaches proudly. What’s also interesting to mention, Nanoil prevents baldness and premature hair graying process.


The lists of ingredients of each Nanoil oil differs slightly. Why is that? The selection of ingredients was determined by the different needs that low porosity, medium porosity, and high porosity hair has. However, each product contains vegetable oils, vitamins A and E, UV filter, kerastim, bicapil as well as hair-smoothing, gloss-delivering and disciplining substances.


Nanoil hair oil has a delicate consistency, which is why it penetrates hair and the scalp fast. The light fragrance makes each application very pleasant.



  • you can choose between low, medium or high porosity hair oil
  • the oil regenerates and prevents further damages
  • protects against the damaging action of the external factors
  • contains many precious substances, including oils and vitamins
  • makes hair styling easier and disciplines strands
  • application is fast and easy
  • has light formula that is absorbed by hair quickly
  • counteracts premature baldness and hair greying
  • recommended for women and men
  • it’d better if the fragrance stayed on hair longer
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