Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is recommended for those who would like to make their hair both beautiful and healthy. The product has smoothing and glossing action. Moreover, it provides strands with essential for proper hair functioning minerals and vitamins. It protects hair against aggressive factors originating from the external environment, solar radiation as well as mechanical and chemical damages.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil makes hair softer as it helps strands look way better.


Use of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is very simple. Just four pumps of the product poured onto palms are enough to conduct one session of hair treatment. Then, comb in the cosmetic in such a way to make it become more runny in consistency. Next, blow-dry hair and style so it suits you. It’s also a good idea to apply Dove Pure Care Dry Oil before shampooing as well as right after the very procedure so as to smooth and gift hair with gloss. You can also add the oil to other hair care products.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil contains several substances and silicones. Macadamia oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil provide hair with many vitamins and minerals. You can also find liquid paraffin, fragrances and colorants in the product’s composition.


Dove Pure Care Dry Oil has light formula, which is why, it doesn’t weight hair down nor clumps it together. It has fair shade and light fragrance that fades away immediately when applied to hair.



  • contains many natural vegetable oils
  • protects hair against UV radiation and high temperature
  • you can apply it before and after hair washing
  • neither weights hair down nor clumps hair together
  • provides strands with vitamins and minerals
  • is very popular
  • contains liquid paraffin