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There is no better oil to deal with common skin blemishes such as stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles and discolorations. Only almond oil is able to restore this youthful suppleness, especially if it is Nanoil Oil – cold-pressed, unrefined and 100% organic.

Discover all its beauty benefits and get surprised!

There are two types of almond oil, either extracted from sweet or bitter almonds. In beauty industry it is sweet almond oil used since it is deprived of a toxic chemical compounds.

Beauty almond oil: Application

At the beginning, almond oil was used mostly in aromatherapy. Its sweet aroma exhibits relaxing properties.

However, with time we discovered other incredible properties that this inconspicuous oil has, providing that it is applied instead of regular beauty products. And almond oil can be used even during pregnancy as well as to treat delicate baby’s skin, which proves the oil’s gentleness.

Almond oil serves face skin well, especially mature, dry and sensitive. It is a good idea to use it for full body massage while focusing on skin areas that with time lose their suppleness and are cellulite-prone. Naturally, Nanoil Almond Oil is perfectly suitable to be used in the form of makeup remover as well as oil serum dedicated to dehydrated and/or problematic skin. It deals with atopic dermatitis too.

Nanoil Almond Oil. The best one!

It goes without saying that if you want to make 150% out of almond oil and successfully use it in all possible ways, you have to reach for the right product. Quality is what matters most here. But which almond oil is the best and which one should you look for?

The finest of all natural beauty oils is Nanoil Almond Oil – cold-pressed and unrefined which makes the oil rich in precious nourishing substances that provides moisturising, regeneration and rejuvenation. One of the biggest assets of Nanoil Almond Oil is its naturalness: the composition equals 100% sweet almond oil certified by Ecocert.

sweet almond oil nanoil for hair

How does almond oil work?

This is an emollient that maintains adequate skin hydration and smooths it out, but that is not all. These are other beauty benefits of almond oil:

  1. Takes care of proper skin moisturizing and nourishes it.
  2. Shields against the sun and toxins that surround us.
  3. Perfectly smooths out and softens skin by conditioning it.
  4. Displays strong skin firming properties: reduces stretch marks and cellulite.
  5. Relieves irritated skin, including scalp.
  6. Nourishes, strengthens, regenerates and beautifies hair.

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