linseed oil Etja

For some reason we are able to say more about Moroccan argan oil than about less exotic linseed oil. It is time to remind ourselves about the properties this inauspicious oil. Is it worth reaching for linseed oil by Etja to condition hair and body? What effects can you expect to achieve?

Linum is a plant of approximately 180 species that is native to moderate and subtropical climate.

It is easily accessible therefore linseed oil can be bought in almost all drug stores and shops selling eco-products.

Beauty linseed oil

It is extracted through cold pressing process of flaxseed owing to which it does not lose its properties and is still rich in precious omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Also, this oil is a source of vitamin E referred to as the vitamin of youth. Obviously, apart from that linseed oil contains other vitamins and mineral substances which make the oil suitable for daily hair and body care. Yet, there are other oils which nutrient content is higher than in linseed oil (e.g. sweet almond oil, argan oil).

What are properties of Etja linseed oil?

If you decide to make use of linseed oil, it is worth realizing first what can you achieve by this. Regular application of Etja linseed oil to skin and hair

  • improves skin hydration and nourishment.
  • displays soothing properties, reduces inflammations.
  • stimulates natural skin self-regenerating processes.
  • protects hair ends against splitting.
  • prevents hair loss and limits its brittleness.
  • leaves hair light, soft and smooth.

Some people say that Etja Linseed Oil rubbed into scalp is able to boost blood flow and accelerate hair growth, yet you should not rather expect to achieve it. If you really care for having long hair, you should turn to natural castor oil.

Etja Linseed Oil: Application

How can you use Etja Linseed Oil? Actually, there are plenty of ways in which the oil can be used. Also, spreading the oil over body and hair does not cause any trouble because it is a lightweight and well-absorbed cosmetic.

  1. Directly to skin (alternative to body balm).
  2. As a balm, cream and shampoo addition.
  3. Instead of a softening lip balm.
  4. As a scalp conditioner.
  5. To a bath (just a few drops).