coconut oil mokosh

One of the most popular beauty oils is natural coconut oil that we eagerly use to take care of our body, face, nails and hair. What is hidden in coconut oil by Mokosh? Does it really offer such incredible action?

It is cold-pressed which is why it preserves quite a number of nourishing substances like vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C, E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron.

No wonder why so many women are willing to choose it to condition their faces and hair. Still, it is worth realizing that this oil is mostly fatty acids.

Coconut oil: The source of essential fatty acids

Which fatty acids do our skin and hair need? Mostly EFAs, which are essential fatty acids that constitute hydro-lipid barrier of skin and make hair building blocks.

It is worth having this in mind because coconut oil is a source of essential fatty acids, which means that most hair and skin types might find the oil too heavy. Sadly, it does not absorb well as other oils like argan, macadamia or jojoba oil do.

Mokosh coconut oil. How does it work?

Mostly, it is a good oil to be applied to the entire body and replace a body balm with. It is not supposed to trigger any irritations but it is expected to maintain the adequate level of hydration. Although coconut oil does not moisturize, it works as emollient so it counteracts water loss. What are its other benefits?

By choosing Mokosh coconut oil, you:

  • help skin maintain the adequate level of hydration.
  • deal with skin irritation.
  • smooth out, soften skin and add healthy shine.
  • guarantee protection against, for example, the sun.

Comments on coconut oil

Is it worth buying Mokosh coconut oil? The opinions are divided. Some people draw attention to a high price of the product and its buttery texture, which puts them off from buying the oil. It is also said that coconut oil can be successfully replaced with other natural oils which action focuses on a particular issue and are more effective. Still, there is a large group of coconut oil lovers who treat Mokosh product as one of their essential beauty products.