Indeed, cosmetic market is full of various hair oils. We can choose among monounsaturated oils, polyunsaturated oils and saturated oils, as well as between refined or cold pressed ones. Which products are the best?

What is the point in knowing which hair oil contains saturated fatty acids, or whether it is refined or not?

Firstly, this kind of knowledge will help us taking better care of hair. If a product is selected appropriately, it will regenerate our damaged strands, moisturize, and make hair glossy. Secondly, if an oil is obtained the right way, it has power to accelerate rebuilding processes of hair and supply strands with more nourishing substances. Thirdly, these are the acids that determine the manner in which an oil penetrates the hair. To illustrate, high porosity hair (when the cuticles are wide open) better absorbs oils made of big molecules, while low porosity hair (cuticles that are tightly bound together) can absorb oils made only of small molecules.

In general, hair oils are divided into three basic categories: monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated. Monounsaturated oils contain huge amount of Omega–9 acids. They are absorbed better then polyunsaturated oils, that contain Omega–3 and Omega–6 acids. What is interesting, saturated acids are nothing more than widely-known cosmetics butters. Such products are absorbed by hair pretty well. Monounsaturated oils, in turn, can be found in macadamia oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and olive oil. Polyunsaturated oils compose linseed oil, evening primrose oil, soy oil, and pumpkin seed oil. When it comes to saturated oils, these are divided into cosmetic butters (Shea butter, mango butter, and coca butter) and fixed oils (coconut, palm tree, and babassu). What is interesting, the above-presented categories do not apply to pomegranate seed oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil.

The best hair oil is the one that was not refined yet has been cold pressed. Such a product contains plenty of nourishing substances, has natural scent and colour, and does not include any unnecessary additives. Refined oils do not carry any important substances that could improve condition of hair. When an oil is not cold pressed, then it is simply heated up. Unfortunately, this procedure deactivates all the vitamins. It is worth mentioning, an ‘extra vergine’ or ‘extra virgin’ label placed on the bottle indicates that the oil was not refined yet it was cold pressed.